Miss Zoe's School of Dance

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Our Staff:

Teachers -

Miss Zoe (Principal)

Miss Zoe established Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in late 2006 and currently teaches most of the weekly classes. Miss Zoe has danced for the past 25 years and has experience in a variety of styles ranging from ballet to hip hop. Miss Zoe has been teaching for the past 17 years and has experience in all styles but specialises in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Miss Zoe has taught dance to people of all ages and abilities as well as to intellectually and physically disabled people for the House With No Steps.

Miss Zoe is also a passionate advocate for all things health & fitness & is excited to bring Fitness classes for all ages as of 2017. She is also currently writing a health food cook book!

Before opening Miss Zoe’s School of Dance, Miss Zoe taught at Vincentia School of Dance 2001-2003; Vincentia Public School, NSW, 2002-2004; Jervis Bay Public School, NSW, 2002 (Wakakiri Performance); and the University of Wollongong Dance Club 2004-2006. Miss Zoe also held executive positions in the University of Wollongong Dance Club in 2004/05.

Miss Zoe completed HSC Dance in 2003 as well as performances for the HSC Dance CD-ROM for students in 2004. Vincentia High School’s Excellence in the Arts Award was won by Miss Zoe in 2001 and 2003 for her contribution to dance within the school. Miss Zoe has attended numerous dance camps and workshops over the years; as well as performing in eisteddfods, half-time entertainment for the Wollongong Hawks, Southern Stars, Dance Festivals, and more. In 2009 Miss Zoe was nominated for a Top Gong Award for her work in the performance industry and encouraging success in young girls.

Miss Zoe has her current First Aid Certificate and worked for years as a preschool teacher and hockey coach. Miss Zoe has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of Wollongong and a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) at the University of New England.

Under Miss Zoe's guidance her students have successfully auditioned for Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts, competed in local eisteddfods and competitions, performed at a variety of fetes, festivals, and community events, and enjoyed 11 successful end of year concert days. Miss Zoe's focus is on fun, fitness, and inclusion of all ages, body types, and abilities - no pressure is put on students and everyone has an equal opportunity to perform. Miss Zoe loves what she does and feels privileged to teach you and your children.

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Contact Miss Zoe: [email protected]

Miss Amy (Pre-Sr Contemporary, Private Lessons)

Miss Amy joined Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in 2007 (although she has danced with Miss Zoe for all of her life!) and has not only danced at a consistently high level, but has also always helped out with book-keeping, make-up, performances, rehearsals, etc. In 2008 she was awarded Miss Zoe’s School of Dance Student of the Year.

Miss Amy has been dancing for the past 22 years and has experience in the styles of: Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Modern Expressive, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Miss Amy has been teaching at Miss Zoe's for the last 7 years in the styles of Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary (all ages); as well experience with teaching people with disabilities. Miss Amy teaches private lessons and Pre-Sr Contemporary for Miss Zoe’s School of Dance.

Miss Amy completed HSC Dance in 2007 and won Vincentia High School’s Excellence in the Arts Award in the same year for her contribution to dance and art within the school. Miss Amy has performed with great success in eisteddfods, Southern Stars, Dance Festivals, school ceremonies, and dance performances for both Miss Zoe’s School of Dance and Vincentia School of Dance.

Miss Amy is also a practising artist and has a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts), University of Wollongong. In 2011 she was the Wollongong Youth centre's Artist in Residence. Miss Amy works at Country Road Wollongong as well as the Wollongong Youth Centre and has her current First Aid Certificate. Miss Amy is currently studying to be a youth worker.

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Miss Liv (Monday Preschool Fun Class, Junior Ballet B, Saturday Tiny Dancer Combo Class, Private Lessons, Admin Assistant)

Miss Olivia (Liv) began dancing at Miss Zoe’s in 2013 and already had a strong background in dance. She has experience in contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, and tap. Miss Olivia is always keen to jump in and help whenever needed and has been a joy to have in class both as a student and a teacher having started her student teaching in 2014. 

2016 saw Miss Liv take on a larger role at the dance school (all while she completed her HSC!, receiving excellent results in dance) - student teaching Preschool and Ballet classes, teaching private lessons, & admin duties. Miss Liv is in charge of studio hire at Miss Zoe's - you can contact her at [email protected]

Miss Liv is keen to continue passing on her passion for dance to the younger Miss Zoe’s students and in 2017 will be again taking on a large admin role as well as teaching the Preschool Fun Class on Mondays, Junior Ballet (B), the Saturday Tiny Dancer Combo Class, & Private Lessons. Miss Liv will also be commencing a makeup course at NIDA!

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Miss Molly (Admin Assistant/Private Lessons/Preschool Fun Class)

Miss Molly started dancing at Miss Zoe's in 2012 and has always tried her hardest in all aspects of the dance school. Miss Molly is a very keen dancer and goes to Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts - she never stops practicing! She had a fantastic year there in 2016, being selected to perform a solo at their annual end of year Showcase.

In 2015 Miss Molly volunteered her time on numerous occasions and was always happy to help out wherever needed. That is why in 2016 she continued with her admin responsibilities as well as helping with the Saturday Preschool Fun Class.

2017 will see Miss Molly teaching the Saturday Preschool Fun Class as well as private lessons. She is a very talented choreographer and all students seem to really take to her and her kind nature!

Miss Caitlin (Tap)

Miss Caitlin has a number of years experience in dance, with a strong background in tap, as well as participation in jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Over the years she has taken part in a number of performances including competing in eisteddfods with both solo and troupe dances.

Miss Caitlin joined Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in 2014, continuing her tap training. In 2017 she will be teaching all tap classes at the studios and Miss Zoe is very excited to have her on board – her students are sure to catch her enthusiasm for tap as well as her lovely smile while performing!

Miss Caitlin possesses a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and works locally at a day care. She also holds a current First Aid Certificate.

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Miss Kenz (Private Lessons/Int Contemporary A)

Miss Mackenzie (Kenz) started dancing at Miss Zoe's School of Dance in 2009 and came to us already with a dance background. She has experience in ballet, jazz, and contemporary and is a graceful, effortless dancer.

Miss Mackenzie has won numerous trophies at Miss Zoe's over the years and attends Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts. She does extremely well as WHSPA, last year she was asked to choreograph a show as well as teach classes to students older than her!

2015 saw Miss Mackenzie join the Miss Zoe's teaching team! She did a fantastic job - Miss Zoe has never seen anyone take to teaching as easily as her! In 2016 she assisted with Junior Jazz/Hip Hop (B) as well as taught private lessons and the Saturday Tiny Dancer Combo Class. Her students all love her and she is a very talented choreographer. Miss Kenz had a fantastic 2016 and this saw her receive Teacher of the Year!

2017 will see Miss Kenz continue with teaching private lessons and she will also take on Intermediate Contemporary (A).

Miss Mia  (Private Lessons/Admin Assistant/Birthday Parties)

Miss Mia D. started dancing at Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in 2006 – she was one of our original students! Miss Mia has experience in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, and Contemporary and is skilled at all. Miss Mia has won many awards over the years. 

Miss Mia is a dedicated member of Miss Zoe’s and we were thrilled to have her begin her student teaching in 2013. This year she will be assisting Miss Zoe in Junior Ballet (A) and is sure to be a hit with the younger children again!

In 2016 Miss Mia started her class choreography with Junior Ballet (A) and thrived! Her confidence grew with both teaching and choreography. 2016 also saw her begin teaching private lessons and taking on the music editing for the dance school.

Miss Mia D attends Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts where she does extremely well.

2017 will see Miss Mia continue with teaching private lessons, editing our dance school music & assisting with birthday parties.

Miss Chelsea (Private Lessons/Int Hip Hop B)

Miss Chelsea joined Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in 2009 and has experience in the styles of Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Acrobatics, and Contemporary. Miss Chelsea has always been a dedicated member of Miss Zoe’s, attending numerous performances over the years. She has also won a number of trophies at Miss Zoe’s. 2012 was a fantastic year for her, competing in eisteddfods and performing in many fetes. She grew in ability and confidence and this earned her the Most Improved award for 2012.

2015 was another fabulous year for Miss Chelsea with her growing in confidence and deservedly winning 2015 Teacher of the Year!

In 2016 Miss Chelsea started teaching private lessons as well as assisting Miss Zoe with the Junior Jazz (A) and Junior Hip Hop (A) classes after three successful years in these classes. Miss Chelsea's teaching and choreography skills really developed during this year.

2017 will see her continue with private lesson instruction as well as taking on Int Hip Hop (B) - the students are sure to love her and her strong choreography!

Miss Nikketa (Int Jazz B, Birthday Parties)

Miss Nikketa started dancing with Miss Zoe’s School of Dance in 2006 – she was Miss Zoe’s first student and has been a part of the dance school every step of the way! Miss Nikketa began her teaching with Miss Zoe as a student teacher in 2010 and after a few years then moved on to teaching private lessons. 2016 saw her teaching private lessons as well as Intermediate Jazz (B).

Miss Nikketa has dance experience in the styles of ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Miss Nikketa has competed (to great success) in eisteddfods both as a solo student and with classes. She has performed at numerous fetes and festivals, and is always popular with the other students. Miss Nikketa has won a variety of awards at Miss Zoe’s over the years, most notably Miss Zoe’s School of Dance Student of the Year in 2007.

Miss Nikketa completed her schooling at Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts and is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Wollongong. 

2017 will see her teach Intermediate Ballet (A) & Intermediate Jazz (B) & Miss Nikketa is thrilled to be able to pass her skills and knowledge on to the younger dancing generation at Miss Zoe’s!

Miss Nikketa is also in charge of Miss Zoe's School of Dance's birthday parties!

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Miss Lauren (Acrobatics)

Miss Lauren began dancing at the age of three learning ballet at a local school. She loved taking dance classes and continued to learn different styles. Miss Lauren has experience in ballet, contemporary, modern, tap, jazz and hip hop. She has competed at a number of eisteddfods and competitions over the years in group, duo and solo performances.

Miss Lauren has experience teaching classes in ballet and contemporary from preschoolers up to students in their mid teens. Miss Lauren joined Miss Zoe’s in 2012 and currently takes contemporary, ballet and jazz classes.

Miss Lauren has always been a dedicated and talented student and Miss Zoe was happy to have her begin her teaching in 2015! She is such an addition to our team and always helps with everything without needing to be asked - a pleasure to have on board! Miss Lauren will be teaching the acrobatics classes again in 2017 with an extensive knowledge of acrobatics and aerial skills behind her - she continues to take classes herself on a weekly basis.

Miss Lauren also has a Bachelor of Psychology and works locally.

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Miss Milli (Musical Theatre, Private Lessons)

Miss Milli is 19 years old & comes to us from the Blue Mountains. She is studying a Bachelor of International Studies at University of Wollongong. Miss Milli has been dancing since she was three years old at Classe Ballet Academy. Miss Milli undertook classical ballet since she was very young, until she was around 17, where she undertook pointe work in Advanced Foundation. Miss Milli currently does contemporary dance as well as figure skating and aerial silks. 

Throughout her dancing years she has participated in many eisteddfods, both as a soloist and part of a troupe, competing in classical ballet and contemporary sections. For the last year she has been teaching stretch and conditioning classes at Classe Ballet Academy to many students ranging in all ages, focusing on the importance and benefits of stretching properly before and after dance, and conditioning the body to allow for safe and aesthetically pleasing dance.

Miss Milli has taught private lessons, helping students to clean and perfect their solos, and helping them with what they should work towards. She has also taught contemporary, classical ballet, and jazz classes to students of all ranges and skill levels, from beginner babies to Intermediate ballet students.

Miss Milli loves to figure skate and do aerial silks as well as dance to keep her fitness up – it is something that she truly enjoys! She will be teaching private lessons as well as Musical Theatre at Miss Zoe's! Miss Milli is very excited to be apart of Miss Zoe's School of Dance in 2017 and is looking forward to meeting new students and helping them in any way she can!

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Student Teachers

Miss Han was one of Miss Zoe’s original students! She started in 2006 and has never missed a beat at Miss Zoe’s – her attendance is impeccable & she is extremely dedicated. She has experience in ballet,pointe, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. Miss Han has been a member of the Costume Club for the last couple of years and in 2017 will commence her student teaching. Miss Han will be student teaching with Junior Jazz (A) & Junior Hip Hop (A). Miss Han is an extremely talented dancer and has always been keen to help out at Miss Zoe’s whenever needed. 2015 saw her receive the Miss Zoe’s School of Dane Student of the Year – very well deserved!

Miss Bonnie has been dancing at Miss Zoe’s since 2007 & has experience in ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, & contemporary. Miss Bonnie is a very hard worker and strives to be the best dancer she can be. She has been a member of the Costume Club & has volunteered on many occasions to help out. 2017 will see her begin her student teaching with the Monday Preschool Fun Class and Junior Ballet B – the students are sure to love her!


Miss Lucy started dancing at Miss Zoe’s in 2010 and has always been a dedicated and hard working student who has improved drastically over the last couple of years. Miss Lucy has helped out with the younger students for years now and is always on call to lend a hand where necessary. Miss Lucy has experience in ballet, pointe, contemporary, & acrobatics; and in 2017 she will begin her student teaching with the Acrobatics classes. She is also a part of the Costume Club at Miss Zoe’s, attends Wollongong Highschool of the Performing Arts for dance, and is also an accomplished singer.

Miss Amelia has been dancing at Miss Zoe’s since 2007 and has been an extremely committed member ever since! Miss Amelia is an absolute joy to have in class – she works hard every lesson & always helps other students. Miss Amelia has experience in ballet and hip hop – the two extremes! Her quiet confidence & kindness is what prompted Miss Zoe to ask her to student teach with Junior Hip Hop/Jazz (B) in 2017.