Miss Zoe's School of Dance

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  1. Fees:

    • Cash and cheque are the forms of payment accepted at Miss Zoe’s School of Dance
    • Weekly fees are to be paid at the beginning of class to a Miss Zoe’s staff member. Students will not be allowed to participate if fees are unpaid.
    • Term Fees are to be paid by Week 3 of class. If fees are not paid by this time you will receive a reminder text or email. If they are not fixed up by the following week, class participation is not allowed
    • Private Lesson students must give 24 hours notice when cancelling a lesson, otherwise you will be charged as normal
    • Students will be informed with plenty of notice when the fees for performances/rehearsals are due (normally only twice a year). These are to be paid via cash or cheque like the other payments

    Child Safety:

    • Each child under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult to and from class – students are not to go out the front of the premises without an adult
    • Students are to wait in the waiting room before class and must not be left unless the office is manned by a Miss Zoe’s staff member. Students will return to the waiting room after class to be picked up.
    • Students are not to wait in the carpark
    • Each child/adult must always be marked on the roll for both safety and insurance purposes.
    • Parents are not permitted to place videos or photographs of Miss Zoe’s students or choreography in the public domain (ie Facebook, Instagram, etc)
    • No smoking on the premises
    • There are limited parking spaces at the back of the premises – please park only in spaces provided. During busy times it is safer to park on the street.
    • Parents in cars are not permitted at any time to reverse down the driveway of the premises as vision is limited

    During Class:

    • Parents may stay and watch the Preschool Fun Classes only. You are welcome to stay and wait in the waiting room or drop your child off. There will be a viewing week at the end of terms 1 and 3
    • Photos will be taken at various times during the year in class and at performances. Please inform Miss Zoe if you do not give permission for photos of your child to be placed on Miss Zoe’s School of Dance website.
    • Students are to pay attention in class; listen carefully to instructions; and keep talking to a minimum
    • There is to be no physical or verbal bullying of any kind
    • Each child/adult must always inform Miss Zoe of any injuries, for example a sore ankle.
    • For hip hop classes shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Clothing to be comfortable and easy to move in (no long pants for ballet please); and for hair to be neatly off the face.
    • Chewing gum is not permitted
    • There is to be no eating in the studios, only water is permitted
    • You must bring a water bottle to class
    • Students are not permitted to touch the mirrors under any circumstance

    Commitment to Performances/Rehearsals:

    • Students must attend 70% of classes/term if they wish to perform (if this cannot be met and you want to perform you must have a private class to catch up)
    • All classes perform at a mid year performance in July and end of year performance (along with a dress rehearsal/photo day) in December. You will be given the dates and information very early in the year. You must inform Miss Zoe ASAP if you do not wish to/cannot perform. You may still attend classes if you cannot perform
    • Please note the end of year concert is TWO replica shows & you MUST COMMIT TO BOTH