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Coledale Studio Policies 2023


  • Card and bank transfer are the forms of payment accepted at Miss Zoe’s School of Dance (MZSOD).
  • Weekly fees are to be paid at the beginning of class to a MZSOD staff member. Students will not be allowed to participate if fees are unpaid.
  • Term fees are to be paid by Week 3 of each term. If fees are not paid by this time, you will receive a reminder text or email. If they are not fixed up by the following week, class participation is not allowed.
  • Private lesson students are by the term only.
  • Students will be informed with plenty of notice when the fees for performances/rehearsals are due (normally only twice a year).
  • Private lesson cancellations must give at least 24 hours’ notice.

Student Safety:

  • MZSOD reserves the right to administer first aid, when necessary, on children/students under our duty of care. All class teachers have their current First Aid Certificate. If you do not consent to us performing first aid without the student’s parent or guardian present, you must tell us on registering.
  • All MZSOD staff over the age of 18 years have their Working with Children Check (WWCC).
  • Students under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult to and from class – students are not to go out the front of the premises without an adult.
  • MZSOD is NOT responsible for your child’s safety before or after their scheduled class times.
  • Students must always be marked on the roll for both safety and insurance purposes.
  • Parents/students are not permitted to place videos or photographs that contain other MZSOD students or MZSOD choreography in the public domain (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc.) without express permission from MZSOD.
  • MZSOD does not permit students and teacher to be friends/follow each other or similar on any social media sites unless a previous relationship is in place (i.e., family, or long term friend).
  • No smoking on the premises.

During Class:
  • One parent/guardian may stay in the studio for Monkey ‘n’ Me & Baby Monkey classes only. Parents may be permitted to stay in the room for the other Monkey Mover classes if their child is anxious, however we only recommend this happening for the first few lessons until they are settled. There will be a viewing week at the end of Term 1 for all other students.
  • Photos will be taken at various times during the year in class and at performances. If you do not give permission for photos of your child to be placed on MZSOD website/social media, you must state this when registering.
  • Bullying in any form is NOT tolerated at MZSOD. Please report any bullying to the class teacher or Miss Zoe.
  • Students must always inform their class teacher of any injuries or illness that could affect their ability in class.
  • During Hip Hop classes shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing is to be comfortable and easy to move in (no loose pants for ballet please); and hair is to be kept neatly off the face where possible.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted.
  • There is to be no eating in the studio, only water is permitted.
  • You must bring a water bottle to class.
  • MZSOD takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen property that may occur at our premises – please ensure you only bring necessary items to class.

Commitment to Performances/Rehearsals:
  • Students must attend 70% of classes per term if they wish to perform (if this cannot be met and you want to perform you must have a private lesson to catch up)
  • Most classes perform at a mid-year performance in June and end-of-year performance in November. You will be given the dates and information very early in the year. You must inform Miss Zoe ASAP if you do not wish/cannot perform. You may still attend classes if you cannot perform.
  • If you pull out of a commitment financial penalty may apply.
  • At MZSOD we do not have expensive costumes, rather we charge a small hire fee for costumes that students borrow and return after performances. You will need you own basics in addition to what we supply – such as dance shoes, tights, leggings, leotards, etc – and will be informed of exact requirements closer to performance times.

COVID-19 Safety Policies (please note these may change throughout the year):
  • Students are asked NOT to attend class if they have tested positive for COVID-19 and display symptoms, If they test positive and have no symptoms, they may attend class but MUST inform Miss Zoe and wear a mask.
  • Everyone entering the studio MUST wash or sanitise their hands before, after & in-between classes and before & after eating. Students who do not follow these rules cannot participate in class.
  • We strongly encourage students to clean any belongings that are brought into the studio before & after class.
  • We have implemented a stricter cleaning schedule in which teachers will clean frequently touched surfaces between each class when possible, and at least once a day.
  • Infrequently touched areas (floor, walls, mirrors, etc) will continue to be cleaned by the Coledale Community Hall.
  • NSW Health restrictions may change from time to time, and we will update our COVID policies to adhere to these. Please ensure that you follow all COVID safety signage around the studios, and always keep an eye on our social media & emails as this is how we will notify you of any changes.