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My daughter Pandora has been attending Miss Zoe’s School of Dance for three terms now. This term we even added an extra class because of how happy we are at the school. I have seen my daughter grow in confidence, learn new skills and make lovely new friends. Miss Zoe’s team of teachers foster a fun and friendly learning environment for all the children to flourish. The students concerts are brilliant to watch and I’ve never seen my daughter so happy and proud of herself.  I wanted to get in on the fun and joined the Adult Beginners Class. Each week we do something different, it’s great exercise and there is no pressure to remember choreography. I look forward to the class each week ! 

Highly recommend 😁

Krystal M.

I hope we manage to find a dance studio half as amazing as yours when we move. Thank you for instilling the love of dance and performing in my daughter in a non-competitive and supportive environment. I’m so glad we found you!

Pamela A.

What childhood should be like!
Miss Zoe's dance school is professional and somehow the feeling is relaxed, welcoming and encouraging. My daughter loves it there and thrives in such a warm and caring environment. I highly recommend Miss Zoe's dance school. If you are interested in helping your child learn to dance in a great environment without the stress of competition, this is your school!

Eunice S.

I just want to tell you how happy we are since starting at Miss Zoe’s School of Dance. It’s just a lovely dance school to be a part of and I’m so happy that we made the change. My daughter is really happy and so am I. The dance themes are fun and positive, the costumes aren’t skimpy, the yearly fees are amazing (especially with the active kids vouchers), the concert was really so positive and fun and also my daughter loves being in a class where the teacher doesn’t yell at anyone, it’s much less stressful for her. Madi is great. Plus I feel like she is actually learning dancing skills rather than just a routine. 


We love Miss Zoe’s! My daughter loves to sing and dance at home but was too shy to join a class. We did a free trial at Miss Zoe’s and instantly knew it was for us. Miss Zoe is so kind and welcoming and understands the personalities of all her students. Within two terms, our quiet little girl was singing and dancing up on stage at the mid year concert and most importantly having a ball! True to her word, Miss Zoe’s is non competitive, low cost and a great afternoon activity for kids of all ages and abilities.

Sabrina K.

Both my children have attended Miss Zoe School of Dance for the last 9 years. In those 9 years my kids have loved attending this dance school as they have had lots of fun. As a parent I have enjoyed taking both my kids specially my son because they are very inclusive, non judgemental and I actually love the way they make sure that no matter what dance ability a student has they are all given equal opportunity to shine.

Chelo G.

My daughter absolutely loves coming to Miss Zoe's School of Dance. Her confidence has blossomed and its a delight to see how eager she is to go. Miss Zoe has exceptional communication and the staff ensure all kids have an engaging and fun experience regardless of skill level. Highly recommend!

Felicity M.

Attending their adult dance fitness classes has been a wonderful experience. Loving dance but having zero experience/ skill I found the teachers warm and friendly and the environment very welcoming. The teachers are experienced, patient and very good at dealing with the multiple abilities of people in their classes from the novices to the more experienced returning dancers. I was hesitant to try them after less than warm experiences with dance studios in the past but I couldn’t recommend these guys enough.

Emily L.

Fantasic fun & friendly dance studio for kids! Lots of different styles of dance classes for boys and girls. Great teachers & very well priced. Highly recommend Miss Zoe's.

Troy S.

I just want to say thank you to all the staff for an amazing concert at Coledale on the week end.  It was absolutely perfect.  Amaya had a ball and I can see her improvement over the months.

Maree V.

Supportive and inclusive, great role models and wonderful happy, healthy children having fun.

Kelly A.

I love the non competitive environment of Miss Zoe's, my daughter loves her classes and enjoys the focus on fun. We choose this dance school over others because of its relaxed environment and approachable staff.

Kristen V.

I just wanted to say that the concert...was fantastic. It was lovely to see kids and adults of all ages and all body types in sensible, colourful costumes having a wonderful time.  Love it!

Jen B.

I'm spreading the word, simply because I love this dance school!!
It's relaxed, friendly and inclusive, with a real focus on kids having fun while they learn to dance. The kids are always encouraged with praise, not criticism. Students can wear whatever they want to express themselves. During the concert, every student gets their chance to shine out the front (and the performance costumes are actually age appropriate!) It's non-competitive and the dancers support and include each other. It's beautiful! I'm so glad my daughter has the opportunity to be a part of a dance school like this. Well done Zoe!!

Mel W.

My two girls aged 8 & 9 do the acrobatics class and they absolutely love it. The teachers are fantastic and it Is a warm and friendly environment, everybody is very welcoming. My girls can’t wait for Thursday afternoon each week and I would highly recommend Mis Zoe’s to anyone.

Andrea P.

Congratulations to you on such a successful concert. It was so great to see some many dancers of all levels giving it their all and enjoying themselves so much. I loved the atmosphere and it highlighted that I chose the right dance school for Eden, you should be very proud. Thanks for all you do.

Lisa K.

Thank you to you and your team for today's concert, but especially you for your dream and vision for your business, it's truly a beautiful thing to see the dance world accepting all different people and giving them a go!

Sarah W.

Absolutely the best dance school. So inclusive. Nurtured every student to be the best dancer they can be. My daughters self confidence has increased and she LOVES going. Miss Zoe is a wonderful communicator and regularly has performance opportunities for the kids who want to take part, without the pressure of having to do everything - highly recommended.

Bethamie W.

Professional and fun without the pressure of competition. Reasonably priced. Lovely staff. A great place to learn dance and dance technique.

Dani G.

Miss Zoe is a fabulous teacher and her school is very inclusive. She creates a fun, yet challenging environment for all levels of dance experience.

Ash W.

Thank you and your team for all your hard work, the mid year concert today was awesome. All the children shined on stage as they danced their little hearts out. I ❤️ how it’s such a friendly dance school, you make all the children feel special and proud of their efforts. Thanks for coming to Kiama 😊😊😊😊

Angela H.

It was such a great concert... thank you for entertaining and creating such a supportive inclusive environment for the children to shine.

Mellissa G.

I wanted to congratulate you and the other teachers on the concert. I've been a part of lots of concerts over the years, and my parents have had to sit through lots of concerts, and we loved it! We got to see all the kids dance (even if those kids weren't Josie!), not the same kids over and over, the costumes and music were appropriate and fun, and the kids looked like they enjoyed themselves. I've told so many people about it... We hope you keep fostering a love of dance in the kids without all the rubbish that often goes with it!.

Alysia A.

My boys absolutely adore Miss Zoe and the rest of the teachers. Sonny my little one cannot wait for hip hop and acro classes each week. Most gentle and caring person I know to run the dance school. Thanks so much Miss Zoe.

Ashley G.

I love that Miss Zoe's transformed my daughter from a shy, timid little girl to a confident, courageous, outgoing dancer in no time! My 3 year old has found her calling! She has found dance!

Tamara I.

I couldn't speak highly enough of Miss Zoe's School of Dance... My daughter aged 3 who loves to dance started this year. She start off very shy but she has gained so much confidence & she loves going to her class each week. Miss Zoe's a great teacher, she has so much patience & makes dancing so much fun for the little ones. 

Rach S.

I love Miss Zoe's as it has given Nathan a positive and happy experience where he can learn to dance in a safe and wonderful environment.

Sally B.

We love this dance school!!
It's relaxed, friendly, affordable and it has a real focus on the children just having fun with dance. Our daughters just love going each week.

Kellie D-C.

Miss Zoe's is an amazing dance school. My daughter has been dancing there for almost ten years. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to dance and have fun.

Rea A.

My daughter loves Miss Zoe's pre school class, reasonably priced & Miss Zoe always listens to parent concerns.

Jaclyn B.

I really love the way your studio is run and the kids class is fantastic. The studio is so organised and the class is a full half hour of fun and interactive movement.


I originally chose Miss Zoe's as I didn't want my daughter feeling uncomfortable as she hasn't danced before as well as other concerns. Miss Zoe was very understanding and goes above and beyond to made us feel welcomed and motivates both my girls. I especially love that she incorporates healthy eating lessons at school holiday workshops. We have even started singing lessons now too.

Sarah M.

I love Miss Zoe because she is such an amazing teacher, she has so much time for every child who is at all different levels. My daughter has learnt so much from her she has given her the confidence to do dance offs with cousins and me Hahahah. She loves coming to dancing every Tuesday so thank you Miss Zoe.

Bernadette T.

I love Miss Zoes School of Dance because April always comes out of class with a smile on face 😀 A lovely Dance school with awesome teachers!!

Shelley M.

Love how you treat everyone the same, there is no favourites.. you are always approachable and both my kids love Miss Zoe’s School of Dance. Thank you.

Angela H.

Thanks for providing a fun and safe atmosphere for little kids wanting to try out dance. I've been very impressed with the studio, the communication has always been really great and the classes are really fun and age-appropriate. It's been a lovely experience.

Eyra B.

My little girl loves coming to her Dance Classes every week. She's always smiling. The teachers are so wonderful. Thankyou

Natalie H.

We really appreciate everything you do to inspire the kids and promote and celebrate dancing.

Mirna S.

I love Miss Zoe’s School of Dance because there is so many opportunities and everyone is equal and gets their own chance in the spotlight

Cooper L.

Miss Zoe's school is so inspirational and enjoyable, honestly, an excellent way to keep fit and enjoy music. The kids learn respect, responsibility, friendships and fun.

The way Miss Zoe leads the students (big bunch of them) is exceptional, not enough words to describe how organised everything is and up to date. I would not change it for anything. Well done Miss Zoe, all the teachers and all the students. So, I recommend it to anyone, if your child wants to have fun, find lots of friends and learn to dance, this is the right place, give it a go!

Oli O.

I love Miss Zoe's dance studio, its so easy to get to and love my classes, Miss Zoe is such a great teacher, she puts in so much hard work for her students and she is a lovely lady, I am very happy to have picked this dance studio. I am a shy person but everyone there is so nice and easy to get along with and it is the best dance studio I have ever been to in all the years I have attended dancing. Zoe is such caring and warm hearted person and I thank her for welcoming me to her dance studio.

Consuelo Faith TV.

My daughter absolutely loves Miss Zoe's! Her confidence has been boosted as a result and she's made some great friends as well as role models!

Kate D.

I highly recommend the Adult Fitness class on Wednesday nights. I had so much fun at these classes.

Cresaline R.

We love Miss Zoe’s school of dance because every lesson is lots of fun and my daughter’s really enjoying learning new moves.

Aneeta H.

Love the atmosphere that is Miss Zoe’s - never have to compete with anyone and there is no stress.

Mackenzie H.

I love Miss Zoe's because everyone there is just so awesome and supportive and I have so much fun!

Aspen H.

Miss Zoe’s is an amazing & friendly dance school. I always get excited to go to dance because I know I’m going to have lots of fun.

Ariana N.

Miss Zoe's School of Dance is an awesome dance studio because it’s heaps of fun and very enjoyable. The teachers are so polite & nice!

Manuela P.